Patch_Image  To all the members of Forgotten Soul Rescue  I am writing to thank you for all your work in helping us adopt Stanley (Patch).  We lost our precious boy Buddy back in August 2015, we were totally devastated & still are but after deciding to rescue anther dog we came across you group via Pet Rescue.  After looking at a few dogs we wanted, you got back to very quickly to update us that the two we liked had gone out on trial and that another boy was up for fostering or adoption soon.  You helped us contact the pound in which he was in, organised the times, after a meet & greet at the pound we fell in love with Stanley (patch). You organised all the adoption papers, treatments including desexed & got a foster care to look after him till we were able to collect him at the weekend.

We can’t thank you enough for all your efforts & kindness at the loss of Buddy. Also that you are still in contact with us on updates on Stanley.

We can’t thank you enough you do an amazing job looking after & finding home for so many unwanted doggies that would certainly not be here if it wasn’t for your wonderful care love & kindness & we wouldn’t have Stanley who has filled a large hole in our lives.

Keep up your amazing work & thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Sophie_Image  For months I scrolled through the Pet Recue site looking for the one. When I saw ‘Sophie’ I just knew she was it. After contacting Forgotten Souls Dog Rescue to ask if they thought ‘Sophie’ would be a good match for myself and my partner I was delighted to hear back so quickly. They sent me some paperwork to fill out with details of our home, yards size and lifestyle including where we would keep our puppy (inside/outside). Karyn started contacting me via Facebook to make everything easier, it was only a couple of days later she contacted me to tell me my application for adoption had been approved.

I was so excited! ‘Sophie’ who we have now called Lucy, was not in the best condition after being surrendered, a bit underweight and needed to have her vaccinations and microchip sorted, so it was a week or so before we could pick her up, in that time Forgotten Souls kept in contact with me via a group chat on Facebook Messenger. They quickly responded to all my questions, and shared in the excitement of my new pup.

Finally the day arrived and we made the trip down to pick up our Lucy. We couldn’t have asked for a better puppy. We were in love in seconds. Since bringing Lucy home we have had ongoing support from Forgotten Souls, they are always thrilled to see pictures of how Lucy is doing and offer ongoing support. Forgotten Souls Dog Recue does a fantastic job, I urge all dog lovers to support them in any way they can.

Katie Hendry

Leaf_Image  Recently we became foster carers for a new dog rescue group, “Forgotten Souls”. They have asked me to write a testimonial for them and I couldn’t be happier to do that.  We have had such a positive experience with the wonderful people who run this group. They made the process of becoming a Foster Carer both easy and straight forward, and were always available to answer any questions.

What really stood out was the commitment they made to finding the ‘right fit’ for our family situation. They took into account all of our needs as a family, did a lot of background work looking at dogs that might possibly meet our criteria and presented us with a number of choices. In fact, they did such a great job of matching us with our Foster Dog, that we were not able to part with her as she has been perfect for our family and we can’t imagine life without her.

So whilst we might be ‘Foster Fails’, I think it can be safely said that Forgotten Souls are a huge success! With the ongoing support and care of Forgotten Souls, we have adopted ‘Leaf’ and couldn’t be happier. So that’s a big thank you from the Willis Family, and a great recommendation to anyone who would like to become Foster Carers, Adopters, or support Forgotten Souls in any other way.

Megan Willis

Holly_Image  Thank you to Forgotten Souls Dog Rescue.  We have been very lucky to receive Holly, an 8 week old lab X puppy. We couldn’t have done it without the smooth and easy adoption process with Karyn and the team.  And then to be kept up to date for a couple of weeks from Javanne, the extraordinary Foster carer. It was wonderful to receive pictures, videos and updates of Holly prior to picking her up.

And then the amazing effort of Javanne to meet us at Henty between Melbourne and Sydney for the special delivery. This is one very lucky puppy, with continued support and interest in her growth from everyone. It definitely takes a community to raise a special dog.

Jo Martin

Icon_Image  I’ve been a foster carer for Forgotten Souls Dog Rescue since September 2015. I have always found the Admin team respond to my messages and support me with any difficulties with my foster dogs. It’s a pleasure to work with a group of animal loving people.

Javanne White

Dani_Image  I have been a foster carer for FSDR for only a few months, but in this time I have received nothing but support and assistance . My foster dog was carefully chosen to meet my family’s needs, I have small children and a fur kid, and has settled in well. FSDR has provided the transport of the foster dog to my care and happily paid the vet costs associated with owning a pet. They are quick to reply to my messages and always offer support and advice. FSDR truly are a pleasure to be a part of and I am grateful for the opportunity to be of help in saving so many ‘Forgotten Souls’ Susan, Foster carer.